Rows of Family Travel Destinations in Thailand, Which is Your Favorite?

It’s no secret, now more and more people like to travel, but foreign destinations are also not a problem. Instead of being confused, below are a few choices of family tourism destinations in Thailand. Don’t forget to rent a place to stay in the family hotel Bangkok, Guaranteed to make holiday events with favorite people more memorable. See the list, come on.

1. The Venezia Hua Hin & Cha-am

One of the fun family tours in Thailand to visit is The Venezia Hua Hin. As the name suggests, this tour is a miniature of Venice, one of the beautiful cities in Italy. There are many colorful buildings, seemed to take you to London. Do not miss the river in the middle.

2. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Another family travel destination in Thailand that is no less exciting is Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. Unlike another sea world, this …

Visit Patong Beach When the Holidays Arrive

Patong Beach is a beach located in the area of ​​Phuket, Thailand. This beach is famous for its beauty because it has white sand beside a row of cafes and shops around the beach. If you want to visit this beach don’t forget to stay at Novotel, Novotel is one of the 4-star family hotel phuket with complete facilities and affordable prices, and close to Patong beach. Patong Beach is a favorite destination for tourists when visiting Thailand because it is a beach that has calm currents so it is safe to swim to enjoy every beauty of the beach. But even though the beach tends to be calm, at certain times beware of currents that can suddenly become strong, pay attention to the red mark on the beach. That’s a sign that the beach is dangerous for swimming.

Another advantage that is not owned by other beaches is …

Quirky and Stylish, Here Are the 5 Models of Today’s Minimalist Roofs!

As a “protector” of a minimalist residence, a minimalist roof model must have a strong structural design and can protect the occupants of the house from heat and rain. Maybe many of you doubt the function of the minimalist roof model because the shape is too eccentric and modern, far different from conventional roof models. Even though it is very stylish, the minimalist roof model still emphasizes its function.

The minimalist roof model has characteristics of geometric shapes, neatly arranged structures, and simple and modern designs. The shape is mostly flat or tilted, but there are many variations of the design. If you want to install the roof of the house with good design and results, leave it to the roofing Oshkosh Wi.

Curious? just go ahead and see the following article!

  1. Model of a Minimalist House with Extreme Steep

It is not uncommon to find a minimalist roof …