How Coronavirus has Affected the Prices of Flights and Hotels

The effect of the coronavirus is one too numerous. It brought about a lot of changes that nobody ever foresees to happen. From the extinction of the daily commuting pattern to transforming one’s relationship with food. Covid-19 is changing the world already, and in some ways, it looks set to get even better.

International lockdown and the effective suspension of social and commercial activity across countries have changed how economic, social, and political systems operate. People get forced to begin a global conversation on how they may need to alter critical structures to make room for this new normal that can barely be changed.

Amongst the sector undergoing a lot of Transformation is the Aviation and hospitality industry. That is because they are among the few of the sectors greatly affected by the pandemic. Individuals’ unwillingness to travel and seek comfort away from their homes makes survival difficult for the …

Tips On Finding Coronavirus-Free Hotels

A hotel that has not launched a new sanitation program, promising its rooms are squeaky clean and will be coronavirus-free, is almost impossible to find a coronavirus-free hotel. How can you tell if a hotel room is hygienic and coronavirus-free?

It isn’t easy to distinguish between legitimate cleaning efforts and public relations. Anybody can perform a visual inspection, and it can look clean, but it does not inherently mean that it is coronavirus-free only because it looks neat. Places like Reseguiden have standard procedures for room cleaning that have been upgraded since the pandemic.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) launched an industry-wide initiative called Safe Stay last month, which established new safety requirements for post-coronavirus hotels. Safe Stay hotels have “enhanced” hotel-wide hygiene practices, use cleaning products with a higher concentration of ingredients that kill bacteria, and allow their workers to practice social distancing. According to Chip Rogers, …

Safety Tools to Bring with You in Your Trip During COVID-19 Pandemic

At the initial stage of the coronavirus pandemic, traveling, especially on a long-distance journey was not feasible and thoughtful. This is because of the associated risk of coming in contact with someone infected with the COVID-19 virus when traveling. You can tell from someone’s face if he or she is infected, thus, it was recommended and advised that all unnecessary travels should be on hold. As the lockdown and movement restrictions placed on most regions have gradually been lifted, the need for traveling has sporadically increased. Some people who were stuck in a particular city during the lockdown period, are now eager to meet their family. Business owners and entrepreneurs who have been immensely affected by the travel ban, find it necessary to embark on one journey or the other. While others sincerely just one to travel for the fun of it. Regardless of one’s reason for traveling, we should …