4 Unique Activities You Must Do on the Maldives Island


Who does not know the Maldives? Consisting of coral islands surrounding the lagoon, white sand that stretches, and clear sea water tempting us to play on the beach. No doubt the island of Maldives is also famous for its beautiful landscapes that can be an enchantment for anyone to visit.

If you are a nature lover who loves a tropical climate with a charming beach and has plans to travel to the island of Maldives, don’t forget to spend the night at one of Luxury Villas Maldives, Raffles Royal Residence. The following are 4 activities that must be done when he got there:

1. Witness the Beauty of the Sea Light at Night

Take a selfie with “Sea of ​​Stars”! Yes, this is what you should do when you arrive on the Maldives Island, precisely on Vaadhoo Island. Don’t be afraid to touch this glowing seawater, because this blue light appears to be carried by the waves on one of the beaches on the island of Maldives at night. This biological light is produced by phytoplankton organisms that are like fireflies. Is one special moment that you can

enjoy with loved ones, right?

2. Enjoying Typical Maldives Dishes

Culinary tourism is one way to enjoy culture in a place. Try Maldives specialties influenced by Indian touches while traveling there. One of them is curry. How to eat it is similar, namely with bread Prata. The difference with India is to use tuna or chicken as the main ingredient. In addition, there is also the most popular dish, Garudhiya Bay. This traditional dish consists of tuna soup served with rice and grilled fish along with other seasonings, such as onions and chili.

3. Walk Under Water

If you are a sports fan but still want a relaxed holiday atmosphere, then one of the best watersports on the island of Maldives is the answer. The underwater charm of the Maldives is one of the leading sectors that attract tourists. There are various ways to enjoy it, one of which is to walk underwater while enjoying the world-class underwater charm of the island of Maldives more closely.

4. Chat with the Local Culture

What is the thrill if we travel to a new destination without feeling the local lifestyle in the area? One way is to go to the local fish market and shop for a variety of fresh seafood. In addition, you can also mingle with the native islanders of the Maldives on the beach and share the fun in dance and music.

In addition, Maldives also has its own attraction that can captivate tourism with its activities and culture. These advantages can make the tourism sector the backbone of the Maldives economy along with the fisheries sector.

To be able to enjoy tours on the charming island of Maldives calmly and comfortably, make sure yourself and your assets remain well protected. Enjoy a pleasant vacation on the Maldives Island without worrying about unforeseen possibilities.