5 Technological Developments in the Serviced Apartments


Technology has completely revolutionised how the world works. Entire industries have changed and some detestable aspects have now been reduced thanks to the application of technology. And now it’s the serviced apartment industry’s turn.

Delivering serviced accommodation is no easy task. Few do it right. But if you want to stay with a provider that has truly harnessed technology (as well as all the developments below) within bespoke serviced apartment services, then thesqua.re is a top choice. With serviced apartments and corporate housing in London, Singapore, New York, Paris and so many other destinations, your stay is guaranteed to be a huge success no matter how long you stay for.

We’ve compiled 5 of the top technological developments in the serviced apartments industry that make any stay anywhere more than comfortable, convenient and bespoke.

Backend Onboarding Technology

More for suppliers than guests, onboarding technology can enable serviced apartment providers to upload stock in rapid succession, whilst applying quality assurance policies within providers can highlight the high levels of quality that they deliver for corporate and leisure guests.

Also, suppliers can upload their own stock easily, thus ensuring stronger and trustworthy relationships across serviced apartment networks so all can profit.

Housekeeping and Inspection Apps

It’s not just guests and business partners that can profit from technological developments in the industry; staff can too. Housekeeping and guest service staff can utilise tech to facilitate the needs of their jobs.

Such is the case with HK and inspection apps. These simple and effective applications enable staff and cleaners to ensure living areas are crystal clear and meet the high quality needs of future guests. Plus, guest services and HK staff can react fast and efficiently if there are any issues that the app picks up. Handy.

In-house Tablets and Company Apps

Nothing shows how high tech and resourceful a serviced supplier is then one that puts its tech in a simple and easy-to-use tablet. Company apps bring the guests one simple click away from making a booking or connected to guest services team so issues can be resolved quickly.

Plus, ordering tablets by bulk isn’t as expensive as one would think.


Most websites use these to interface with their website users when they require assistance. You’ve seen them pop up before; “Hi, how can I help you?”. For the serviced apartments sector, Chatbots can enable users to engage with staff to find their required stay more easily, as well as answering other questions related to the booking process and overall stay.

Virtual Reality

Immerse potential guests into your apartments using the delights of virtual reality. If your site isn’t generating the bookings or enquiries that you desire then maybe you should contemplate VR as a solution. Give browsing guests the option to take a 360 degree tour of the living space so they can already get a feel for the place and see themselves sitting in there with their feet up enjoying their trip.