5 Tips On Traveling Alone For Women

Doing a solo trip or a leisure trip alone is fun. You do not have to give up when you want to go to visa-free entry to Belarus. But still, there are weaknesses.

“Finding a place to eat and walks to your holiday location is not easy when you’re on holiday alone,” said Suzanne Randolph, quoted by the New York Times. Suzanne is a former art advisor who has been more than two decades away doing the solo traveling. Through his experience, Suzanne shares some tips for traveling alone, especially women, to be safe while on holiday abroad.

  1. Choose a small hotel

If doing solo traveling, you should choose a small hotel but has a good reputation. “So you can get to know all the staff, even the owner well,” Suzanne said. Because in large hotels, all workers routinely change and will feel strange.

  1. Near the public transport area

Choose a hotel that is close to public transportation to make it easy for you to travel. So, you do not have to spend time looking for a vehicle to the location of the holiday destination.

  1. Choose the right destination

Many read the stories of other solo travelers to help with your preparation. One of them in determining a safe country to be visited. “I recommend New York, London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Paris as the country of choice for solo female travelers,” Suzanne advises. “The pedestrian facility takes precedence, and all the tourist attractions are within walking distance.”

  1. Do not be shy

If you want to try eating at some famous restaurants, do not hesitate. If you are embarrassed to eat alone, choose the bar as your table to enjoy the food. “The waiter at the restaurant is very friendly and responds well to you, and they are also reluctant to explain the various dishes served,” Suzanne said.

  1. Do not hesitate

While imagining traveling alone there is certainly fear, but Suzanne thinks it will turn into a fun thing to do. “Set your own tempo and be happy because it does not need to negotiate with other people during activity,” he said.