6 Tips on Vacation to Bangkok

In addition to careful cost preparation, there are 6 tips that you should pay attention to while on vacation to Bangkok. These tips will also make it easier, and make your traveling in Bangkok fun. Check it out!

Bangkok has a variety of culture and cuisine for you. There are magnificent temples that are hundreds of years old, giant sleeping Buddha statues, buildings with charming architecture, to a variety of culinary offerings such as Tom Yum. However, there are some things that you should pay attention to when exploring this city.

Here are 6 tips on telling vacation to Bangkok

1. Come during low season

The right time to come to Bangkok is during low season, which is March to September. At that time Thailand did not have many tourists who came, so you can enjoy Bangkok more freely. To be more satisfied around the city of Bangkok, choose hotels that are close to many tourist attractions, for example like Ibis Bangkok.

2. Order airplane tickets in advance

This is also important to note. By ordering tickets well in advance, you can get cheaper ticket prices.

3. The best weather starts late November

Bangkok has a Tropical climate. Well, the best time to visit Bangkok is from the end of November. At that time the weather was sunny and not rainy. So, going around Bangkok will be even more fun.

4. Don’t be afraid of running out of water and medicine

Bringing drinking water is a must when traveling. Don’t worry about running out of water and medicine in Bangkok. Because, there are many supermarkets on the streets of Bangkok, to fill your supplies.

5. Wear sun hat and cream

Bangkok’s hot weather tends to burn your skin. Wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight contact with your eyes, and wear sunscreen so that the skin does not burn easily. This is to make the trip more comfortable.

6. Make a list of gifts

A souvenir of course things that are identical with the name of the holidays. Usually relatives or close friends often ask for souvenirs as holiday gifts. So make a list of souvenirs that we buy and the list of people we will bring. Choose only the closest people to avoid excessive budget and in accordance with the conditions of your own pocket.