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The Importance of Diesel Air Filter Maintenance

If you’re in charge of the maintenance of a diesel engine under the hood of a big machine or heavy equipment, you probably don’t spend that much attention to the air filters. However, you have to start acknowledging that air filter cleaning and maintenance must be considered as an integral part of a diesel engine’s maintenance regime.

As an owner or someone tasked to maintain diesel powered equipment, it is your job to be sure you always have a supply of diesel filter cleaner because it’ll be your most convenient and handy tool in ensuring that the engine’s air filter is in top condition when it comes to performing its job of cleaning and filter outside air because it enters the combustion chamber. So, what if the air filter isn’t properly and regularly cleaned and maintained? First things first, if the diesel engine receives and welcomes contaminated air, it will wear out sooner than later. And when foreign objects enter, there’s going to be a less efficient combustion process. The role of the air filter is crucial because it prevents the entry of any debris inside the air supply. Hence, an air filter that’s dirty or is already due for replacement will never function the way it’s supposed to.

Benefits of Cleaning the Air Filter

It is true that diesel air filters need to be replaced from time to time, but it doesn’t mean you always replace them if they’re dirty. Let’s have a look at the salient benefits of cleaning your air filter.

1 – You give your diesel engine the chance to improve its performance without buying a new filter.

We already established the fact that clogged and dirty filters will lead to detrimental effects on how the diesel engine performs. If only you could spend several minutes in cleaning the air filter by using inexpensive aids like an air filter blaster, then you won’t have to spend money in buying new filters plus you’re successfully restoring your diesel engine’s power output.

2 – Cleaning your air filters correspond to prolonged engine life.

The air filter works by blocking dirt and other debris so as to ensure that the air making its way to the engine is clean. But for it to work that way, it eventually will collect and cause a buildup of the dirt in its body. As soon as the buildup is already quite substantial, it needs to be cleaned immediately. If dirty filters are ignored, the small and even microscopic debris will find their way to the engine’s crucial components like the cylinder linings, rings, and pistons. Obviously, you don’t want to end up getting a damaged engine just because you didn’t care to clean your air filters.

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