Australian Art Movements that Make the Best Melbourne Tours

Melbourne is Australia’s arts capital presenting a lively music and arts scene.  Melbourne is the art center since the1880s Australian impressionists. However, the art real beginnings started with aboriginal art tens and thousands of years ago.

Indigenous Art

This is referred to as Aboriginal art and dates back to thousands of years. The art and foundation is the dream and it is a way of understanding the universe. These make memorable Melbourne Tours as it explains the spirit, life, and the trees creation, rivers, waterholes, stars and mountains, plants and animals inhabiting this world.

The Aboriginal relationships and values are determined with the land and other living beings. It is their nourishment and spiritual renewal establishing responsibilities of the land and the life. Aboriginal art is represented with song, dance, painting, storytelling and artefacts, such that it communicates the dreams.

The Heidelberg School of Art

The Melbourne next art movement is the Heidelberg school of arts.  It started in 1880s. As it grew into a painting movement at the camps along the Yarra beautiful bends, it acquired the name Heidelberg school owing to the scenic rural area that is the Melbourne suburb now.

The prominent artist’s names include such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, Charles Conder, Jane Sutherland, and others. This artist’s community formed the first lively Melbourne artist’s colonies.

They are popular as the Australian Impressionists owing to their style and reflect international impressionism. Yet, the Heidelberg School stands realistically depicting the Australian landscape, including earthier colors, harsh sunlight, and distinctive vegetation.

The Heide Circle

This includes artists group between the 1930s and 50s living and working at Heide along the Yarra. They represented the Australian modernists. The Australian art is alive even today in Melbourne and is the center of modern art, featuring many galleries, artist studios, and artists’ cooperatives.

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