Man City – The Winner of Premier League

Man City win back-to-back Premier League titles after facing Brighton on Sunday. What a stellar performance! Brighton started well and scored the first goal. If the results stood as they were, Liverpool would have won their first title for 29 years.

The Brighton goal felt like the wake-up call. Man City failed to create anything and appeared nervous since the beginning. Sergio Aguero quickly scored the first goal to give his team the upper hand of the Premier League title. Laporte, Mahrez and Gundogan delivered the final blows in a title battle with Liverpool. Finally, Brighton proved to be an easy job for Man City that won 4-1.

Last season, Manchester City went into the history books. They managed to rack up 100 points to win the title. And during the last two campaigns, they collected a total of 198 points. Man City wasthe first since Manchester Unitedto retain their …

How to Plan Your Backpacking Trip to Bangkok

Your backpacking trip should be one filled with excitement, joy and an unforgettable experience. With that in mind, it is incredibly important to have a well detailed plan in place to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Here are ways on how to plan your backpacking trip to Bangkok.

Flights and Accommodation

The first step that you will need to take before your backpacking trip to Bangkok is to arrange and sort your flights and accommodation. As a backpacker, you will want to find the cheapest and most suitable flights as well as a backpacker hotel Bangkok. That way, you will be able to engage and make friends with others in the same boat as you. Travelling somewhere new can be incredibly daunting, so staying in an area with other backpackers can help you feel more at ease.

Suitable Clothing

The time of year you visit Bangkok …

Reasons Why it is Necessary Wrestling Headgear

Wrestling is a very famous and nice to watch a lot of sports. Few people want to attend, not just watch Jones vs Gustafsson live. As a legal requirement in the U.S., both high school and collage students always have to wear headgear for wrestling. This special does not work precisely to protect the head, as the name suggests. It really protects the wrestler’s ears from knocks and bruises consistent as it could be detrimental to the end.

This can cause a condition called cauliflower ear. A person’s ear to burst blood vessels without any visible external injuries. If he or she gets beaten by an additional permanent part of the same, the damage may be serious. In other words, it could lead to the formation of blood bags inside the throat and ears, eventually damage the device. This has an inevitable element of wrestling headgear for young people …