10 Best Calgary Restaurants

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Calgary’s dining scene sure looks impressive with their diverse collection of restaurants and culture. It is one of the greatest food destinations where you can sample local and foreign-inspired exemplary traditional and contemporary delicacies. So, start making your list now and visit the best restaurants when you go see Calgary.

  1. River Café

In the midst of the scenic Prince’s Island Park, you’ll find one of the most exquisite restaurants, the River Café. It is the place to go if you want a taste of local and seasonal cuisines. The food they serve sure looks and taste like a masterpiece. They also have a huge selection of wine list and excellent ambiance. Enjoy dining outside during the summer on the flower encased patio that has a perfect view of the river.

  1. Model Milk

Landing the second place in enRoute’s Best New Restaurants in 2012, Model Milk puts a lovely twist to …


4 Traveling Accessories that Must be Carried on Travelling

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Packing when traveling needs to be planned properly so that no items forget to be taken or scattered at the time of packing. But sometimes because of confusion or hurry when packing, we instead forget one important item.

The following are traveling accessories that you should take when you want to travel.

  1. Travel Lock

When traveling, you almost certainly carry luggage that is put in a backpack or suitcase. Sometimes there are also items in it. To ensure safety or just reduce the risk of losing items, you can lock your backpack or suitcase with a travel lock that can only be opened if we know the combination of the numbers in the travel lock.

  1. Neck Pillow

If you are traveling using a car, bus, train, ship, or plane with a great distance, it will be very tiring, one of them in the neck. For that, you need to bring …


5 Best Monuments in Montenegro

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Montenegro is a gorgeous little country in the Balkans that has been alluring the history buffs, explorers, and travelers by the scenic stretch of Adriatic coastline, mountainous landscapes, and a number of medieval buildings. People from around the world come to Montenegro to discover the fascinating stories behind its monuments. Wherever you go, you will find churches, forts, monasteries, and museums that will help you learn about the history of Montenegro. Are you planning to visit Montenegro soon? Make sure to include these 5 best monuments in Montenegro in your list.

  • Our Lady of the Rocks

Look at the best vacation planner to ease your trip to Montenegro and Our Lady of the Rocks will surely be there. Well, a legend says that this islet was built by Croat local seamen to keep an ancient oath, however, it is considered that it was an enthralling creation of the bulwark of …


5 Tips On Traveling Alone For Women

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Doing a solo trip or a leisure trip alone is fun. You do not have to give up when you want to go to visa-free entry to Belarus. But still, there are weaknesses.

“Finding a place to eat and walks to your holiday location is not easy when you’re on holiday alone,” said Suzanne Randolph, quoted by the New York Times. Suzanne is a former art advisor who has been more than two decades away doing the solo traveling. Through his experience, Suzanne shares some tips for traveling alone, especially women, to be safe while on holiday abroad.

  1. Choose a small hotel

If doing solo traveling, you should choose a small hotel but has a good reputation. “So you can get to know all the staff, even the owner well,” Suzanne said. Because in large hotels, all workers routinely change and will feel strange.

  1. Near the public transport area

Why I Check my Credit Rating Before Travel

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Who wants to feel anxious before going on holidays? If you have terrible credit and you couldn’t qualify for low-interest loans for going on a trip, it is time to make certain changes into your buying behavior. The reason is simple—spending for the wrong things can seriously damage your credit rating.

Here are some of the right reasons to check your credit rating before you spend your paycheck or use your credit card for holiday purchases:

You will not run out of cash

There are many people who don’t know what awaits them in the near future – simply because they do not know if their money will be able to cover all their monthly expenses. There are also travel expenses which can go out of hand and lead to unexpected future events like foreclosure, bankruptcy and so on. So, no matter how tempting that trip to Bali is—remember that …