Extended Stay Apartments

More and more travellers are now paying more attention to short stay apartment Sydney instead of conventional hotels. This has also resulted in mushroom growth of these apartments. Just like in the hotel business, there are some good quality furnished apartments and some are not so good. Most of these Hotel Apartments are in the unorganized sector and as such there are no ratings. The following information will help you select a decent place, especially when you are making reservations from far away places.

The first test is to the analyze the company’s website. There are some operators who do not even have a website. They place regular ads in newspapers and are also listed in the yellow pages. A company’s website is actually a reflection of what the company is all about. If the layout and the designing of the website is poor, then you can expect their apartment to look like that. Moreover, if the website has linkages to Facebook, Twitter and has a blog or even reviews, it reflects positively about the company. Details such as the reservations, availability, rates, pictures, location, facilities, leasing agreement should also be checked. If this information is not available on a furnished apartment provider’s website, you are wasting your time on their website!

Try sending an email to the company, if you are unable to call. The turnaround time tells you about the company. A professional company will always respond to its customers even if they do not have the availability or able to match the rates. See how courteous they are in writing.

Additionally, if the apartment building is located close to the shopping area, chances are that it is an upscale building. Such buildings provide better facilities and are very well maintained. You may also want to ask the operator about the age of the building. Those buildings which are more than fifteen or twenty years old have poor maintenance. A newer building will be much cleaner than an old building.