First-time travel to Bangkok? Here are Tips for Choosing Cheap and Comfortable Hotels!

Traveling to Bangkok for the first time can be a confusing experience, especially in choosing the right accommodation to stay.

Here are tips to help you find hotels that are comfortable and also economical:

  1. Make sure the location does not make you bother

When you go on a trip to Bangkok, transportation can be a problem. Besides not familiar with the surrounding, you might not know what public transport you can use.

To minimize transportation difficulties, look for a hotel that is close to your tour destination.

By staying at the Luxury Hotel Kamala Swissotel, which is close to tourist sites, transportation is no longer a problem. From this hotel, you can walk to the destination you are going to.

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  1. All modern basic needs must exist

Before you decide the hotel to stay, you need to check the facilities and services provider in the hotel. The main thing that is mandatory is free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, and free breakfast.

WiFi is necessary to look for information about your tour destination. AC is also important, so you don’t feel overheated at night and can get quality rest. Free breakfast is needed, so you don’t have to bother looking for breakfast and able to gain energy before starting your tour.

  1. Find out which hotel is most suitable for you

Each hotel has its style of service. There are hotels whose services are ideal for backpackers; there are also facilities that are suitable for families and couples.

To find out the target market of the hotel, you can check it on their official website. Also, you can see the reviews obtained by the hotel. You can check what type of traveler feel most comfortable staying there.