Ideas For Catching the Winter Sun Abroad To Stay Healthy

If you are from a country where harsh and long winter months are commonplace, then keeping a healthy look can be an uphill task. Keeping a healthy glowing appearance can be especially tough if you are living in Europe, Canada, or Northern USA. Winters can be up to six months long and summer often disappointing. The said all that is usually needed is a winter break in the sun.

Just because you are staring down the barrel of a six-month winter don’t give up because there are plenty of ways to give yourself a break because while the sun is not shining in your neck of the woods, it is always beaming somewhere else around the world.

Keeping up with an exercise routine at the gym can be tall order. Expressly, when you arrive at after work and it is already dark because of the lack of sun during the winter months who can blame you for having to constantly force yourself to the gym. Running, playing tennis and eating healthily are all hard to do if your mood is affected by your gloomy winter surroundings.

Would Your Motivation Improve If You Had a Target to Reach?

Most people respond better during hard times if there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. A target to reach that breaks up the monotonous winter months.

Want to know what it is? If you have not already guessed where this is going from the intro, then let me enlighten you. Book yourself a winter vacation in the sun. It means you will be leaving the winter behind slap bang in the middle of it. What better target to have to motivate you to continue to stay healthy?

You have 2 and a half month from when deep winter settles in to keep yourself fit so you can slip into that bikini or nice dress when you finally reach your winter sun getaway. Buy yourself a sunbed at home so you can keep your tan topped up from the summer. Check out the Best Sunbeds website and get yourself a good deal.

Make sure that you get yourself a gym membership to keep yourself in shape if you don’t want to exercise in the cold winter outdoors. Get on the running machine, do some lightweights and core muscle training. Treat yourself to weekly facials and spas. Eventually, the two and a half months will pass you by in no time at all, and before you know it you will be on a two or three-week vacation in the sun.

With your two and a half month target set, you will be motivated. Rather than quitting your fitness and health routine mid-way through winter telling yourself “I will start again in the summer”, you can keep your body fit and healthy 52 weeks a year.

Why Follow The Masses and Go Away in Summer When Winter Sun is So Accessible?

Too many people book their yearly vacation when it is already hot in their country. Now, this is mostly because school holidays for their children coincide with the summer. Many Europeans surprise me as they feel a trip to Spain during their child’s or children’s long summer break is the best time to go away.

If this is you, then ask yourself – why book a vacation at this time? Everyone else in Europe has the same idea. You end up paying three times the price for flights and accommodation compared to waiting until the winter when you can book a holiday to a more exotic destination such as Africa, South East Asia, or parts of South America.

After doing the maths, you can fly to a resort in Mexico, safari in Kenya, hotel in Cape Town, or island hop in Thailand for the same price as a trip to Spain.

Do You Have Kids That Go To School?

Nevermind. They have half terms and end of terms that coincide with the winter. Book your vacation in advance in order to get a good deal and go then. Your kids will love it because rather than going back to school in the summer telling everyone they went to Spain (the same place every other kid went), they will come back in the winter with a tan with a story of an exotic holiday abroad.

What About Summer Holidays?

Just because you have booked a winter holiday does not prevent you from going on a summer holiday if you are able to get the time off work. However, for some people there is the concern of money. Two holidays per year with the children can be a stretch.

If that is the case, have you thought about a drive to a beach in France during the summer or go to one of the beaches in Sout West England. Book a cheap flight to Ireland for a weekend or for a week. Stay on a campsite or in a caravan park to save cash for your winter holiday. Check out these beaches in Ireland. You will honestly be amazed at what you can find locally to you for a decent summer holiday with the kids allowing you to save for that big exotic winter holiday.

Happy holidays!