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Things to Note About Food Storage

Food storage is crucial in our homes because the lack of it could lead to food shortage. When we store food appropriately we make it possible to utilize all the food we preserve, safeguarding our future and money. When planning food storage, there are three things you must have in mind; why you are storing food, what you will store, and how you will store it.

Why and What?
People typically store food for survival, emergencies, and long-term use. Every category is determined by the period of time food is stored and in turn dictates the type of food to be stored. For instance, survival food is used every day, and it expires quickly. It may include cooked food, fruits, vegetables, fresh milk, etc.

Food for emergencies is that which you will need in case disaster or other emergencies strike, and it can be stored to last a few months. The food items stored can be dry, preserved, or frozen. Long-term food preservation may include dry, preserved, and frozen foodstuffs to be used by a household even for one year.

How? How?
Your foodstuff will require the right facilities and space to be stored appropriately. The facilities include rooms, refrigerators, freezers, containers, jars, bags and so on. Some food items will need to be stored at room temperature, others freezing temperatures, and others slightly above freezing levels.

Note that, you should be extra careful about the temperature, moisture content and oxygen levels at which your food for long-term use is stored. Foodstuff stored at room temperature remains nutritious and edible. Moisture allows microorganisms to exist and chemically react with food, spoiling it. Excessive oxygen deteriorates food, promoting the growth of microorganisms.

You cannot avoid keeping your food item sin containers, bags, jars, etc. Containers for food items are made of different kinds of materials, namely; plastic, glass, and metal. Plastic containers are easily manageable, whether they have food or not. Glass containers are offered airtight and have a longer food freshness lifespan than plastics. Metal containers hold and keep food fresh for long without any problems and are ideal for dry foods like grains, cereals and confectionaries such as cookies, biscuits, etc.

As you store your food, space might be a challenge and using sealer bags come in handy. They are availed in different types, and an ideal choice is a sealer bag which can lock out moisture and oxygen for excellent food storage. Today, with the technology we have, there are heavy duty vacuum sealer bags in the market which keep food fresh for long. They can also be used to boil foodstuff or heat it in the microwave.

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