Planning Your Next Business Trip to Belfast

If your next business trip lands you in the fabulous city of Belfast, consider extending your trip a little to make sure you can squeeze in all of the good bits. Belfast is a beautiful city, so you should absolutely make the most of your visit. With lots to see and do, here is a quick guide on what not to miss:

Where to Stay

First of all, you need to find a place to stay whilst you’re here. Hotels are a popular option, but if you want a home away from home, then serviced apartments are a better choice. For example, have some stunning options to choose from, all in great locations. Most people prefer serviced apartments over hotels because they provide plenty of private space to entertain guests, with fully equipped kitchens and stylish living spaces, which means you can save on eating expenses and relax easily. They also come with the perks of hotels too, with complimentary goodies and a housekeeping service, so chores don’t have to be a worry.

Things to See

With plenty of history and lots of beautiful scenery, Northern Ireland boasts plenty of things to see. If you are interested in politics and history, then you will appreciate the murals of art and graffiti that decorate the city. Belfast is rich in history and the Peace Walls are a notable point of interest, decorated with signatures including those from President Clinton and the Dalai Lama. Any Game of Thrones fans can also thoroughly enjoy the city of Belfast, as Northern Ireland is one of the show’s main filming locations and you will easily find tours offered around the city to visit the different filming studios and spots. If you have time to make the trip then a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most impressive views you can’t miss.

Places to Visit

This vibrant city has lots of great bars, cafes and shops to keep you entertained. For the finest Gins and Whiskeys, visit the Cathedral Quarter, which is home to some of the city’s best bars and big arts and culture scene. St George’s Market is a great go-to for local produce, a great place to pick up fresh food and ingredients. You should also visit the beautiful Botanic Gardens, a great refresher after the stresses of work. They are also home to the Ulster Museum, Northern Ireland’s largest museum, both the gardens and museum have recently been renovated and are great places to visit. The Titanic Quarter is also likely to peak your interest, as the iconic RMS Titanic is such a huge part of maritime history.

Northern Ireland is a stunning country to visit and is on many people’s list of places to go, it is a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Lonely Planet named Belfast and the Causeway Coast as the top 2018 region to visit, writing that the transformation Belfast has taken over the last 20 years is remarkable. This beautifully sums up why Belfast is well worth visit, whether business takes you there or not.