Quirky and Stylish, Here Are the 5 Models of Today’s Minimalist Roofs!

As a “protector” of a minimalist residence, a minimalist roof model must have a strong structural design and can protect the occupants of the house from heat and rain. Maybe many of you doubt the function of the minimalist roof model because the shape is too eccentric and modern, far different from conventional roof models. Even though it is very stylish, the minimalist roof model still emphasizes its function.

The minimalist roof model has characteristics of geometric shapes, neatly arranged structures, and simple and modern designs. The shape is mostly flat or tilted, but there are many variations of the design. If you want to install the roof of the house with good design and results, leave it to the roofing Oshkosh Wi.

Curious? just go ahead and see the following article!

  1. Model of a Minimalist House with Extreme Steep

It is not uncommon to find a minimalist roof model of an extreme shape, such as a roof made of concrete that is not installed with a high degree of slope. A design concept like this is used to elevate the ceiling with low-sized ceiling types so that the air exchange in the house is much healthier and not damp.

In this minimalist roof model named Steep Shed Roof, the design concept is combined with traditional elements, such as bamboo to create a cooler impression.

  1. Model of a Minimalist Flat Roof House of Concrete Materials

This minimalist roof model is the most common model found in a modern-style luxury residential area. This roof is made of non-waterproof concrete coated with cement.

Because there is no slope, it is necessary to make a good drainage system on the roof model so that rainwater does not flood or flood the roof. However, with its flat shape, this minimalist roof model is suitable for garden or garden on the roof of the house.

  1. Model Minimalist Roof Type Skillion

Skillion roof type is a minimalist model of the roof which is usually applied to the types of houses marketed in Indonesia. The shape is a transition from a conventional roof with two sides in the opposite direction, but both sides are asymmetrical.

The cut off-center which is usually used as a place for the water system. The slope of this minimalist roof model is steeper than conventional roofs.

  1. Minimalist House Roof Model at the Scandinavian House

Apart from the type of skillion, a minimalist house roof model for houses in the Scandinavian country is also a minimalist roof model that is modified from conventional roof models. In this minimalist house roof model, the roof is formed from one side with a gentle slope.

The overhanging roof was deliberately cut and replaced with a flat Benton. This minimalist house roof model is a fusion of two different design concepts namely, Scandinavian and minimalist.

  1. Model of Minimalist Roof House in V Shape

This one minimalist roof model is known as the V-shaped roof, also known as the butterfly roof because it looks exactly like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings. Unlike the minimalist roof model in general, the overhangs are made down, the roof overhangs are made facing up unique space.


That’s 5 minimalist roof models that are popular in this era. Of course, in addition to building construction, design and interior space must also be considered. For that, don’t forget to complete your interior with the right furniture. Which is your favorite roof model?