Tips On Finding Coronavirus-Free Hotels

A hotel that has not launched a new sanitation program, promising its rooms are squeaky clean and will be coronavirus-free, is almost impossible to find a coronavirus-free hotel. How can you tell if a hotel room is hygienic and coronavirus-free?

It isn’t easy to distinguish between legitimate cleaning efforts and public relations. Anybody can perform a visual inspection, and it can look clean, but it does not inherently mean that it is coronavirus-free only because it looks neat. Places like Reseguiden have standard procedures for room cleaning that have been upgraded since the pandemic.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) launched an industry-wide initiative called Safe Stay last month, which established new safety requirements for post-coronavirus hotels. Safe Stay hotels have “enhanced” hotel-wide hygiene practices, use cleaning products with a higher concentration of ingredients that kill bacteria, and allow their workers to practice social distancing. According to Chip Rogers, president of AHLA, the initiative would “ensure greater transparency and confidence” for guests.

But how do you know if it is safe in your hotel room? It is not very convenient. As an expert, you may inquire about travel agents, based on their checks and experience with properties, read online reviews, hold lists of the cleanest hotels, etc.

Here are the signs to know if your hotel room is safe.

1.  Inspection

The hotel room can be searched, too. It would help if you searched for indications that the cleaning staff has performed a thorough job. Are glasses of water sealed? Are there strapped toilet seats? Is the toilet paper folded into the form of a ‘V’?

2.  Accountability

It would help if you also looked for accountability.”. “Is the name of the housekeeper evident in the guest room and several places? Is there a strong hygiene commitment? Do you find hand sanitizers in public toilets? Do workers wear face masks and practice social distancing?

3.  Go to the Bathroom

Start with the bathroom all the time. Check for visible grime around the toilet seat and raise the centre to check for stains. Check the tub, paying careful attention to the corners where gunk and mildew appear to collect. Can you find any hair on the floor of the bathroom? It is typically a telltale sign that the hotel is not kept in the cleanest condition.

4.  Read Reviews about the Hotel

Go online and read reviews from about hotels before checking in. feedbacks from their old customers will give you insight into the hotel.

5.  Look for Little things

Details matter, “Your sheets, dusting, and general cleaning change the basics. Someone put in the real effort when you see the little details of clean door handles and clean toilet buttons. “If your room has no smudges or fingerprint marks, this is the way to tell if it’s cleaned properly.

6.  Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are also an excellent means to spot a corona-free hotel. You do not need to stress yourself looking for hotels, with the help of a reliable travel agency, they will do the findings and every right thing for you.

7.  Give a Sniff Test

Lastly, Smell, there is a specific smell that is not a chemical fragrance, but rather a lovely aroma that comes when cleaning your room correctly. There should not be a chemical scent here. That suggests that someone has overapplied bleach or cleaning solution carelessly, which may cause problems for you.

Of course, there is no way to say if your hotel room is infected with the coronavirus. It is difficult to tell whether you are either. Yet there are signs, much as with individuals. Chances are it is if your room looks tidy and smells clean. And if you are in doubt? Bring cleaners of your own or stay home.