Visit Patong Beach When the Holidays Arrive

Patong Beach is a beach located in the area of ​​Phuket, Thailand. This beach is famous for its beauty because it has white sand beside a row of cafes and shops around the beach. If you want to visit this beach don’t forget to stay at Novotel, Novotel is one of the 4-star family hotel phuket with complete facilities and affordable prices, and close to Patong beach. Patong Beach is a favorite destination for tourists when visiting Thailand because it is a beach that has calm currents so it is safe to swim to enjoy every beauty of the beach. But even though the beach tends to be calm, at certain times beware of currents that can suddenly become strong, pay attention to the red mark on the beach. That’s a sign that the beach is dangerous for swimming.

Another advantage that is not owned by other beaches is the regularity of the traders here, the traders tend to be neat and unobtrusive and peddling merchandise to visitors who are resting or enjoying the beach so that visitors can enjoy the beach comfortably without being disturbed by traders. Enjoying the sunset is another advantage and enjoyment that we can get at Patong beach. Because Sunset Beach is quite beautiful like other beaches.

To enter the Patong Beach area visitors are not charged at all but if we want to enjoy a break in the chairs and umbrellas that are available then we have to spend more, the availability of umbrella rentals and long chairs to rest not without reason because this beach is a beach that has a lot of sunlight so that visitors, especially those from Outer Country like to dry their bodies on this beach.

In this Patong beach area, we will find a road called Bangla Road, this road is a road that is closed to motorized vehicles so that along the way we can find people on foot accompanied by a thump of music that drifted from various cafes that lined the road. The cafe residents will welcome and tempt to enter the exception of the famous ladyboy in Thailand by wearing various makeup to decorate their faces.

To get to the city of Phuket, especially the coast of Patong, we can use the services of flights from Jakarta, which serve direct routes to Phuket, one of which is using an airplane. Flight distance in normal time is approximately between 2-3 hours. From the Airport to Patong approximately 55 minutes away we can use a taxi or bus if taking a bus then stop on the road near Patong that there is a tuk-tuk service that will take us to Patong. If you want to visit Patong comfortably then visit during the low season because during high season Patong will be crowded by various tourists besides the price of accommodation and transportation will become expensive.