What Category of People should Visit Japan?

Japan, whose capital is Tokyo, is an island country located in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and East Asia. Japan is a country known for its ceremonies, festivals, food tour, Nightlife, Sports, and many more. These and many more factors make Japan attract millions of tourists yearly. Japan is a country to be explored by tourists of all types and ages.

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1• Festival lovers

Over 200,000 festivals are celebrated yearly in Japan, among the top festivals include the Nagasaki Lantern Festival. The Nagasaki Lantern Festival is the biggest Lantern Festival in Japan and it is held in Nagasaki City yearly. It is a festival that fills the city with light. In this festival, thousands of Japanese lanterns and lightened up in the city to entertain visitors. Other festival attractions are performances including Emperor’s Parade, Chinese acrobatics Chinese lion dance and many more.

2• Food lovers

Going on a food tour in Japan promises to be a splendid one as Japan has a lot of local and continental dishes to choose from. The food tour in Japan is the best way to discover and learn new things about Japanese food culture. There are a lot of food tours in Japan such as Ramen Tour, Retro Osaka food tour, Old Town Tokyo food tour, Shinjuku food tour, bar hopping tour, Sensoji and Asakusa food tour and many more. Eating Sushi, Japanese most favourite food, is guaranteed when you go on a Japanese food tour.

3•  Mountain climbers/hikers

Japan is a home to different sizes and types of mountains. One of the most climbed mountains in Japan is Mount Fuji. Hundreds of thousands of people annually climb Mount Fuji. It is a suitable place to practice hiking as hiking is the easiest route to climbing it. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan with a height of 12,389.2 ft. During summer, nearly 300,000 people climb this mountain, the official time to climb this mountain is Early July to mid-September as the mountain facilities and trails are open during that time.

4• Sports lovers

In Japan, Sumo wrestling is considered a professional and national sport. Sumo wrestling originated in Japan and it’s one of its oldest sport. Sports lovers can watch sumo wrestling at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium when they pay a visit to Japan. Half of the sumo Tournaments take place in Tokyo while the tournament season takes place around January.

5• Fashion Lovers

Japan is a country famous for its street fashion and its diversity and audacity. Tokyo street fashion is a way of people expressing who they are, by the way, they dress. The Tokyo Fashion Week is a fashion industry event that lasts for at least a week. In the Tokyo Fashion Week, Japanese and Asian brand designers, textile Industries, fashion house etc showcase their latest collections in runway fashion shows to influence trends for the present and upcoming seasons.