10 Amazing Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are becoming the premium choice for business travellers all over. But why is it that employers are leaning towards booking long stays in serviced apartments and not in hotels?

The simple answer is that they offer a whole wealth of benefits that hotels don’t. Offering all the great benefits below, thesqua.re has been providing business travellers with outstanding serviced apartments for the past 10 years.

Exceptional service

The customer is at the centre of everything. 24/7 concierge and staff ensure that your stay is one of ease, comfort and relaxation. Their megadrives of local knowledge come in handy when you want to know where is best to eat, explore and entertain. They’ll even make sure your fridge is filled before you arrive, if you request it.

Top security

Secure entry systems, 24-hour CCTV and professional staff keep the apartments private and secure. Security is always a priority. You’ll go to work and sleep with no worries at all.

Cost effective

Hotels can cost a mini fortune when you stay for more than 30 days with multiple people. Go ahead, check. In serviced apartments, you only pay a rate for the room – not for each guest – and thereby pay significantly less. Plus, beneficial rates are usually offered for long stay periods. Either way, you get more for your money.

More space

You can really spread yourself out in a serviced apartment. Whereas hotel rooms can be squashed and lack personal freedom, you’ll have enough space to truly wind down and kick back.

Total privacy

Once you book it, the apartment is yours. No distractions, no intrusions – you use it however you wish. Whether you’re using it for business meetings or hosting colleagues, friends and family; the space is yours.

No chores and cleaning necessary

Never lift a finger – the professional housekeeping service will do all the cleaning and changing of linen for you. No need to feel embarrassed if you have a messy disposition.

Dine how you like

You’re not restricted to a menu when you go with serviced apartments. You can cook in your own fully equipped kitchen, order in takeaways or get a private chef to cook your favourite meal just the way you like it.

Greater productivity

Hotel rooms can be depressing. Serviced apartments give you a homely feel that increases output and happiness. Say no to boring hotel environments and say yes to serviced apartments. You’ll hit your KPI and personal targets every time when you work from the comfort of a lavish living area.

Central location

You’re always where you need to be – right in the centre. No travelling in from outside the city or catching the tram/tube needed. Also, you’ll be right where all the fantastic attractions, restaurants and other incredible amenities are situated.

A place you can call home

How many hotels would you ever want to live in? Not many, if none at all. Serviced apartments come emblazoned with homely features and furnishings that will make you want to stay for eternity. From TVs, music systems, free WiFi, luxury linen, exquisite sofas and so much more, you really will call it a home away from home.