10 Best Calgary Restaurants

Calgary’s dining scene sure looks impressive with their diverse collection of restaurants and culture. It is one of the greatest food destinations where you can sample local and foreign-inspired exemplary traditional and contemporary delicacies. So, start making your list now and visit the best restaurants when you go see Calgary.

  1. River Café

In the midst of the scenic Prince’s Island Park, you’ll find one of the most exquisite restaurants, the River Café. It is the place to go if you want a taste of local and seasonal cuisines. The food they serve sure looks and taste like a masterpiece. They also have a huge selection of wine list and excellent ambiance. Enjoy dining outside during the summer on the flower encased patio that has a perfect view of the river.

  1. Model Milk

Landing the second place in enRoute’s Best New Restaurants in 2012, Model Milk puts a lovely twist to …

Preparing for Your Trip to Bangkok

Millions of travelers head out to Thailand each year, with most of these at some point visiting the country’s capital of Bangkok. Whether you are heading to Thailand for a beach vacation and are planning on stopping over in Bangkok for a night or two, or are spending your entire holiday there, there are some things which you should do to prepare beforehand.

Thailand is a beautiful country steeped in history, ritual, and tradition. It has a rich culture, amazing food, interesting weather, and friendly people. It’s a very liberal country that openly welcomes millions of people each year. There’s no wonder why it’s high up on the bucket list of most travelers, but visiting isn’t as simple as jumping on a plane and figuring everything out when you get there.

Thailand is located in Asia and so visiting requires a degree of planning. Before you start looking for a …

Discover Hidden Culture in Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand can be one of the most rewarding trips to make as a traveler. It is a place where you can learn about how Thailand’s history shaped the culture you can see today. Immersing yourself in this history and culture can help you find a deeper respect for the country and its people. To get the most out of this experience it is advised to book a tour to see the most important places and to have a guide to walk you through everything. You can book a tour now with thailandia tour.

There is immense cultural significance in northern Thailand with places like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai being UNESCO world heritage sites. Here you can find remains of historical sites that served as capital cities in the old kingdoms. Other places to explore include the famous cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where you can discover many …

5 Top Spring Break Destinations in USA This Year

Every year, whenever it is spring break, one could only think of leisure. Spring Break is  one week every year where you and your family can unwind and have fun. You can just party with your loved ones and friends without worrying much about the place or the cost.

Spring break destinations are sought after by college students, young adults, families or groups of friends. This is because spring break is always a celebration.

There are so many beach choices you and your family can select from. However, make sure that the best spring break destination is not necessarily the most expensive or the cheapest. It must be the one that is not just fun and exciting but is worth the cost.

Herein, we give you a list of the best places to visit when you and your family or friends decide to have the best Spring Break of your …

Welcome to Borneo – What You Can Expect

It really is a jungle out there! Some of the most species-rich rainforests in the world are in Borneo, including prime areas that can be accessed from multi-ethnic, modern cities quite easily.

Ancient Rainforests

Have you always dreamed of experiencing the rich abundance of animal and plant life of a genuine equatorial rainforest? If so, your wildest dreams will be fulfilled by a visit to Borneo. The jungles of this island bring to mind adventure and remoteness, as you imagine the impenetrable foliage along with exciting river journeys. However, if you take a closer look you will also see the emergence of nuances: the orchids, lianas, and pitcher plants in the lowland forest giving way to the rhododendrons and conifers as you make your ascent up Mt Kinabalu. Although there are many depressing headlines in the news these days about deforestation, large areas of rainforest in Borneo are still intact, …