Visit Turkey

Sandy bay in TurkeyA beach vacation or city vacation during the summer in Turkey will delight all of your sensations. The flavours of delectable baklava and kebab will have your taste buds tingling. The Mediterranean sun will warm your soul while you are visiting some of the beautiful coastal resorts. You will unwind as waves crash upon the stones along the shoreline. The many spas found in Turkey will restore your body, soul, and mind with their refreshing rituals.

Turkey is a land filled with breathtaking scenery, ancient history, and a vibrant culture. The food is delicious and will make your holiday most enjoyable. Whether you are exploring the ancient cities or spending the day relaxing on one of Turkey’s golden beaches, this eastern gem will fill you with enchanting and unforgettable memories. The historic wonders listed on your resort map will show you the location of ancient amphitheatres and Byzantine churches.

When …

Buying Property in Spain.. Heaven or Hell?

If you are thinking of buying property in Spain and relocating permanently, without doubt you are making a life-changing decision right now. Around a third of Brits who do exactly that return to the UK within a few years – For some the move can be heaven, for others hell.

What’s the trick to success?

The same as it is most of the time, knowledge: Knowing the pitfalls and being ready to take them on. Of course, there are the obvious ones such as missing family and friends. Marital issues can also surface quickly after relocating. Moving to a new house in your own country is known to be one of the most stressful things we can do – Life in Spain is very different to the UK and sometimes the change can simply be too much. People can see Spain as some kind of ‘fix-all’ paradise – A magic …

The Training Needed to Operate and Drive a Bus

Bus driverHave you always dreamed of driving a bus? As a child, did you look at your bus driver in awe and wish that you could drive a big, beautiful bus and transport people around the neighbourhood? Maybe, you are considering a change in your career and think that you may enjoy driving people around and working in the transportation industry. You are not the only one who feels this way! Driving a bus is still a very sought after and popular job. Being a bus driver is very rewarding. Thousands of people use the bus or travel by coach every day. Whether someone needs to travel to a nearby shop or wants to enjoy a cross-country or international trip, they can do so on the bus. Simply check out this list of coach day trips near me for inspiration on the types of locations you could be driving your …

Man City – The Winner of Premier League

Man City win back-to-back Premier League titles after facing Brighton on Sunday. What a stellar performance! Brighton started well and scored the first goal. If the results stood as they were, Liverpool would have won their first title for 29 years.

The Brighton goal felt like the wake-up call. Man City failed to create anything and appeared nervous since the beginning. Sergio Aguero quickly scored the first goal to give his team the upper hand of the Premier League title. Laporte, Mahrez and Gundogan delivered the final blows in a title battle with Liverpool. Finally, Brighton proved to be an easy job for Man City that won 4-1.

Last season, Manchester City went into the history books. They managed to rack up 100 points to win the title. And during the last two campaigns, they collected a total of 198 points. Man City wasthe first since Manchester Unitedto retain their …

Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking at Property in Spain

If you’re interested in living partly or fully in Spain, there’s a lot of lovely properties available, see these new builds for sale in Javea, for examples. Javea is a particularly nice area to consider buying property in. However, despite all the key benefits and positives including the financial side of things, the lifestyle, climate and people there are still things you need to consider before rushing into anything.

Therefore, in the following post we will address some of the key questions you need to consider before agreeing to buy a property.

Are you Going to Negotiate with Banks Yourself?

If so, it is worth getting as many quotes from banks as possible for the level of mortgages they might be able to offer you.

Are You Buying Directly from The Property Owner?

Although buying directly from the owner can help avoid a lot of the bureaucracy, it may …