5 Best Monuments in Montenegro

Montenegro is a gorgeous little country in the Balkans that has been alluring the history buffs, explorers, and travelers by the scenic stretch of Adriatic coastline, mountainous landscapes, and a number of medieval buildings. People from around the world come to Montenegro to discover the fascinating stories behind its monuments. Wherever you go, you will find churches, forts, monasteries, and museums that will help you learn about the history of Montenegro. Are you planning to visit Montenegro soon? Make sure to include these 5 best monuments in Montenegro in your list.

  • Our Lady of the Rocks

Look at the best vacation planner to ease your trip to Montenegro and Our Lady of the Rocks will surely be there. Well, a legend says that this islet was built by Croat local seamen to keep an ancient oath, however, it is considered that it was an enthralling creation of the bulwark of rocks and ships full of rocks that sank in the Bay of Kotor. The main building located on this islet is the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks. Every year the Montenegro people celebrate a rock festival on 22 July during sunset by throwing rocks into the bay with good wishes.

  • Ostrog Monastery

An epitome of Montenegro’s spirituality, Ostrog Monastery is a white architecture, glittering like a pearl, on a 900-meter high cliff over Zeta Valley. The monument witnesses thousands of pilgrims seeking spiritual relief every year. The high popularity of Ostrog Monastery has made it one of the top Christian destinations in the world. From below, the monument looks like a cave. The architecture is divided into two parts, that is, the Upper Monastery and the Lower Monastery. People believe that the peaceful moments in the monastery have helped them in dealing with their problems well.

  • Castle of San Giovanni

Travel sites like TripHobo call the Castle of San Giovanni an “extraordinary experience”, and rightly so, this castle stands as a symbol of the medieval grandeur. The stunning hillside where this magnificent castle sits is another treat to the eyes. The castle is considered to have been built between the 9th and 19th centuries and shows the glimpse of Byzantine and Venetian architectures. From gates to bastion, churches, and wildflowers that grow around the castle will make you imagine the idyllic life of medieval kings.

  • King Nikola’s Palace

This is another impressive monument of Montenegro that is simple yet beautiful. The palace has been a seat for the Montenegrin Royal family for over 50 years. Built between the years 1863 and 1867, King Nikola’s Palace features a marvelous royal garden. First established merely as a pine alley, today, this garden is home to a flowery carpet of tulips, rose, crocuses, geraniums, and jasmine. Adjacent to the garden, you will come across the summer villa of King Nikola as well as cedar grove.

  • Mosques

Your trip to Montenegro will be incomplete without touring the mosques that highlight the monumental significance of this country. The list is long and includes the major mosques such as Mosque Selimija, Mosque Omerbasica, Sailor’s Mosque, Sultanija Mosque, and Hussain Pasa Mosque. Each one of these is known for its unique architecture and historical value.

Montenegro has a rich culture and history. Each monument you visit mirrors the empirical impacts and transformation this country beholds.