5 Interesting Countries in Spring

Every city in the world holds its own charm. Starting from the beauty of nature, culture, to connectivity which of course can be a special attraction for tourists. However, along with changing community needs, traveling activities have developed into two categories: business and tourism trips.

One of the best times for a vacation in spring. In addition to the beautiful scenery with various blooming flowers, the weather is also comfortable. some countries even have their own festivals during spring.

1. China

In spring, China usually holds the Spring Food Festival together with the Lantern Festival. At this time, a variety of Chinese specialties are served in various restaurants and food stalls so it is right to celebrate while culinary.

2. Japan

This country is indeed famous for its beautiful spring season with blooming cherry blossoms. Just come to Osaka to see the phenomenal cherry blossom festival. In addition, Bunkyo Azalea Festival or Tsutsuji Matsuri are also held in Tokyo. This festival is usually held from April to May. In the Azalea garden, you can enjoy a 6000 square meter garden with 100 plant species including various rare flower plants.

3. Canada

The waters of Newfoundland and Labrador are well known in Canada as “The Iceberg Alley”. Tourists usually scatter these waters in the late spring ahead of the arrival of summer. What is interesting? Large chunks of floating Arctic ice will usually pass Canadian waters around the Atlantic coast. These ice packs usually arrive in Canadian waters around the end of April or early May. You can stand on the surrounding land to see the beautiful reflection of light bouncing from super-large chunks of ice, or see it closer to the boat.

4. Austria

Austria has its own way to celebrate spring. Not only in city parks or restaurants, Austria usually celebrates spring with endless music. When the Graz’s Spring Festival starts, tourists who usually arrive from various European countries will meet the city of Styria. In fact, Styria will also set up a center in the city for musicians. From electronic music to EDM, everything will be played. If you are a lover of music festivals, you should try this place occasionally.

5. Dominican Republic

Maybe this country is not as famous as the names of other countries above, but the Dominican Republic is a country located on a special island with very beautiful beaches. Spring is a good time to visit this country because of the perfect weather and coastal waters. Various activities can be done during the spring, such as rafting, canoeing, also surfing. If you’re lucky, you can also see whales swimming around the beach. Another place that you can visit besides the beach is the City of Punta Cana. For more information, you can visit Punta Cana Excursions.

Famous throughout the world as a favorite destination for golfers to perfect their blows, Punta Cana has lush tropical gardens and palm-fringed beaches overlooking a clear turquoise Caribbean Sea. Travelers who are looking for the warm sun will love this place. Choose one beach and you can sunbathe all day until you feel hungry and ready to eat fresh seafood. Punta Cana has many photogenic places, whatever you do – sunbathing, swimming on Dolphin Island, or exploring the wild at Manati Park.