5 Ways To Deal With The “Rude” Attitudes Of Parisians

Paris is one of the world’s most visited locations. Almost every man’s dream is to visit the Eiffel tower, and every couple’s fantasy is to share a kiss on its starry streets. However, in a puzzling twist, Parisians are not as welcoming as their historic and lifeless monuments, or so tourists say. Why is this? Why do many visitors to the fantastic city of Paris find the locals rude and distant?

Perhaps, they are genuinely hurried, rude, and distant, or tourists just have the wrong idea. However, no one wants to cross a Parisian. It can be a pretty bad sight. Some reasons you might receive inadequate treatments from a local may be found in your behaviour. Check out AmonAvis for reviews on any business you need in Paris.

Parisians do not find it fascinating when tourists who do not understand their language or culture imitate it poorly. They feel disrespected when a tourist makes an order, asks for directions, among others with pride in dismal French. If you are looking to ease your search for a rental property, check with Spotahome.

Every tourist must understand that the culture of a place differs from their own, and though the degree of difference might be varied, they must respect it. So, what are some ways to minimize the chances of receiving a bad experience from a local Parisian?

  1. Be polite to everyone

Politeness is key to opening up a meaningful relationship or conversation with a stranger. Always make sure to say a greeting when you meet with a local. Also, when you want to get something, make sure to say “bonjour” if it is in the morning or the appropriate greetings for other times of the day. Merci and S’il Vous plait will always be appreciated by people who do you a service.

  1. Always show kindness

Parisians are rarely excited about things. So, always show kindness and love on your face. It tends to warm their hearts and wet your path to receiving good treatment. Show excitement and wear a smile at all times.

  1. Try various means to reach them

Sometimes, when your smile does not work, other things like money might go a long way. Leave a nice tip for waiters, barbers, or people who do you a service. These things are not obligatory, so you leave an indelible mark on their hearts when you do them. Every time you need to offer up money, you should put down an appreciation tip for the service rendered to you when you deem it necessary.

  1. Empathize

Always try to show empathy at all times when you see an opportunity to do so. Most times, you will find people who are not happy or angry at something. Try to play along and show concern; it goes a long way to settle them. Let them understand that you feel what they feel and are troubled by it too. It will go a long way to breaking the ice.

  1. Be patient

If all of these fails, you have to exercise patience, even though it can be frustrating. Being patient does not mean you should accept every rude act thrown at you, but you can try to calm any violent situation down. Make your demands clear, hold your position, and be patient and calm through it all.

As a tourist, you should ensure to be respectful at all times in your manner of speaking, especially to people you might consider beneath you. Remember, they handle your everyday needs. Paris is a beautiful place to visit, and it is even more beautiful when you have won the hearts of the locals. So, go there and enjoy your vacation.