An expat guide to 8 things you need to know about Costa Blanca

Moving to Costa Blanca can be likened to moving into your very own piece of paradise. There are sunny days for most of the year and the beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. While it all sounds ideal the Costa Blanca will drive you crazy if you are not prepared for everything. Here are 10 things to help you prepare for a move to the Costa Blanca

Falta Uno – The Unwritten Law

The Law of Falta Uno means that no matter how many copies of paperwork you have there will always be one short. Before you set out to any government department makes double sure that you have every single piece of paper they might possibly require. Always be patient when dealing with officials.


You need to make sure that you always tip the Butanero. He is the man who throws a large gas bottle on his shoulder and carries it up six flights of stairs so that you will have gas.

Birthday time

If it’s your birthday you need to be one to throw the party. It is always polite to also treat your neighbours and work colleagues to tasty treats on your birthday. The same can be said for children’s birthdays. Make sure junior take a whole big bag of sweets with him to school to share with his classmates.

Oh August

Whatever you do, never go to the beach in August. Everyone from Spain, as well as a few others,  will be on the beach. In August you can expect to wait for hours for service in a restaurant. When you buy property on the Costa Blanca make sure that you have somewhere to escape to during this busy time. It is important to note that nothing will get done in August either.

Queues in the Morning

If you are planning to go to the bank, estate office or government building between 9.30 am and 11 am you are sure to hit the morning rush. This is the time when most Spanish citizens enjoy their second breakfast. You’ll have more luck tracking down your bank manager at the bar than you will in his office. Take this time to enjoy a cup of coffee at the café and head back to the office later.

Children First Always

In Spain, children rule the roost. They are allowed to stay up till late during holidays. The Spanish love children and it is considered cute when they run around restaurants screaming. At every possible opportunity, your children will be cooed over and made a fuss of.

Getting attention

Getting the attention of a waiter or person in a bar is not an easy feat. You will need to make yourself heard and raise your voice to get attention. Do not feel shy or ashamed, you’ll fit right in.

Spanish Time

When in Spain do as the Spanish do. On the Costa Blanca, time really is relevant. Relax and enjoy it. After all, you’re in paradise, make the best of it.