Best Photo Ops for Your Holiday in Manila

Who would ever want to go on a holiday without bringing along a high-quality digital camera or a mobile phone with an equally good camera? Sites like Instagram have literally exploded because of all the unique photo ops members take advantage of, and it is one of the best ways to photo document your trip to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. If you are looking for some amazing backdrops for travel photos, there are plenty of opportunities in and around Manila, the nation’s capital.

A Look at Manila

One of the crazy aspects of this capital city is that getting around can be a bit confusing to the first-time visitor. You may be directed to find something in a city called Makati, Pasay, San Juan City (for a look at some amazing old churches) or Quezon City. So, you take out a map. Lo and behold, each is a city within Manila! How crazy is that? There are actually 16 cities within the city and one municipality, all of which are governed by mayors. If you are a bit confused when given directions to another city which may be a city block away, don’t feel alone. Tens of thousands of visitors have been equally confused and you won’t be the last to suffer this confusion.

Photo Ops in Urban Areas

Because Manila is a huge metropolitan area with a total population of almost 13 million residents, there will be plenty of photo ops of famous buildings, amazing architecture, and World Heritage sites. Many tourists make Manila their ‘home base’ when touring the country but then look outside for those nature spots to take selfies and family photos to add to their social pages or family journals. Why travel outside Manila when cities like Makati have what the locals view as an urban oasis? Greenbelt Park is surrounded by tall buildings and major traffic congestion like you’d find in any big city, but with the ponds and amazing greenery all around, you can take beautiful photos without travelling far from your hostel.

Photo Op Ideas From the Hostel

Speaking of hostels, most travellers would do well to find a comfortable and highly social hostel to stay in rather than a 5-star luxury hotel. Not only are they less expensive but you can get a better idea of how the locals live. For example, the best hostel Makati has to offer would have a common meeting area where you can mingle with other guests. They’d have dorm style rooms as well as single rooms and it is in meeting other guests that you can share pictures you’ve already snapped. Let other travellers tell you about their photo ops and it is here that you can get ideas on where you’d like to spend the next day. Remember, Manila is home to almost 13 million people and so it might be difficult to strike up a conversation otherwise. Hostels are your best opportunity for sharing travel highlights.

Of course, your photo ops are not limited to Manila and other large metro areas, and that is precisely why you would want to see photos of what others have snapped. Even the tour guides can’t possibly list all the amazing places to take great pictures, so keep this in mind if you are looking to create the best photo journal of your stay in Manila.