6 Tips on Vacation to Bangkok

In addition to careful cost preparation, there are 6 tips that you should pay attention to while on vacation to Bangkok. These tips will also make it easier, and make your traveling in Bangkok fun. Check it out!

Bangkok has a variety of culture and cuisine for you. There are magnificent temples that are hundreds of years old, giant sleeping Buddha statues, buildings with charming architecture, to a variety of culinary offerings such as Tom Yum. However, there are some things that you should pay attention to when exploring this city.

Here are 6 tips on telling vacation to Bangkok

1. Come during low season

The right time to come to Bangkok is during low season, which is March to September. At that time Thailand did not have many tourists who came, so you can enjoy Bangkok more freely. To be more satisfied around the city of Bangkok, choose hotels …

5 Technological Developments in the Serviced Apartments


Technology has completely revolutionised how the world works. Entire industries have changed and some detestable aspects have now been reduced thanks to the application of technology. And now it’s the serviced apartment industry’s turn.

Delivering serviced accommodation is no easy task. Few do it right. But if you want to stay with a provider that has truly harnessed technology (as well as all the developments below) within bespoke serviced apartment services, then thesqua.re is a top choice. With serviced apartments and corporate housing in London, Singapore, New York, Paris and so many other destinations, your stay is guaranteed to be a huge success no matter how long you stay for.

We’ve compiled 5 of the top technological developments in the serviced apartments industry that make any stay anywhere more than comfortable, convenient and bespoke.

Backend Onboarding Technology

More for suppliers than guests, onboarding technology can enable serviced apartment providers …

Condor Hotel in Brooklyn – Why should you choose them over other hotels?

If you haven’t heard about the Condor Hotel ( http://www.condorny.com/), it is one of the most reasonable, premium hotels designed like an inviting oasis which is considered as unique among all the hotels in Brooklyn. It has been made keeping in mind both the business and leisure travelers. Anyone who is looking for corporate lodging in Brooklyn and who wishes to stay close to the other attractions in Brooklyn, you can simply extend your stay at Brooklyn Condor Hotel NY. Both business and leisure travelers will find this as an ideal option.

The arrival of guests is met with a warm smile and this demonstrates their hotel ethics and proper hospitality gestures. Guests usually love it when they meet with such warm welcome, folded hands and a broad smile on their face. The best part is that the guests can seek full benefit of their proximity with the local …

10 Amazing Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are becoming the premium choice for business travellers all over. But why is it that employers are leaning towards booking long stays in serviced apartments and not in hotels?

The simple answer is that they offer a whole wealth of benefits that hotels don’t. Offering all the great benefits below, thesqua.re has been providing business travellers with outstanding serviced apartments for the past 10 years.

Exceptional service

The customer is at the centre of everything. 24/7 concierge and staff ensure that your stay is one of ease, comfort and relaxation. Their megadrives of local knowledge come in handy when you want to know where is best to eat, explore and entertain. They’ll even make sure your fridge is filled before you arrive, if you request it.

Top security

Secure entry systems, 24-hour CCTV and professional staff keep the apartments private and secure. Security is always a priority. You’ll …