Discover Hidden Culture in Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand can be one of the most rewarding trips to make as a traveler. It is a place where you can learn about how Thailand’s history shaped the culture you can see today. Immersing yourself in this history and culture can help you find a deeper respect for the country and its people. To get the most out of this experience it is advised to book a tour to see the most important places and to have a guide to walk you through everything. You can book a tour now with thailandia tour.

There is immense cultural significance in northern Thailand with places like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai being UNESCO world heritage sites. Here you can find remains of historical sites that served as capital cities in the old kingdoms. Other places to explore include the famous cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where you can discover many temples as well as explore the mountains with all its waterfalls and mesmerizing views it has to offer. Many of the areas are national parks so they are well preserved and when going there you should do your part to keep things as they are.

Deep in the mountains, you will find many ethnic minority hill tribes. They have their own unique culture and even their own languages which differ vastly from each other and from Thai. They have preserved their culture by passing down traditions through generations as well as by being isolated in the mountains. The things you can discover here are truly endless. With that said it must also be said that one big obstacle can be the language barriers, for this reason, you can look to our recommended tour operator for 24/7 assistance in Italian.

With tour della thailandia you can learn a new way of tourism that is more responsible and sustainable than conventional tourism. It is a way to travel that preserves the respect for the cultures and their traditions, as well as for the natural environment. Though this you can give back to that which gives so much to you as a traveler. This form of responsible tourism is created by balancing the normal tourist routes with a more intimate look into the reality of the local people.

In my view the world has too many travelers who do not really care about the places they visit, they just want to take their Instagram photo and go back to their hotel room. Traveling northern Thailand in a more sustainable way can help you gain more compassion for the places you go and the people you meet, leaving you as a more complete human being. For me, this is the reason we travel.