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Myofascial Massage: A Guide

Myofascial release is a special massage treatment that is made to lengthen muscles of the body that are injured or tensed. For those who have ever experience myofascial release must have left the gym parlor or spar feeling more relaxed, more comfortable and breathing even more deeply than ever before. It is imperative to learn about fascia so that you can easily figure out the importance of myofascial massage. Fascia appears as a thin white tissue layer that covers each and everybody muscle. Since fascia is tough and elastic, it ensures that the muscles are well protected and lubricated for smooth gliding. Myofascial massage release takes the advantage of the lubrication ability of the fascial tissue. The muscles of the patients who have undergone myofascial release an move against each other with less friction hence no tearing of the muscle fibers. By lengthening the fascial tissue, the lubrication of the muscles is increased a lot. However, because of repetitive over usage, injury, habitual postures and even emotional states, the normal myofacial tissue that is usually smooth, slick and flexible may turn out to be rigid, sticky and inelastic. It may also lose its lubrication capacity and become more adhesive hence binding muscle fibers to each other. Some of the symptoms of shortened fascia include muscle spasms, muscle pain and tension. With these symptoms, you may start experiencing pain throughout your body.

Myofascial release aims at bringing back the normal function of fascial on the body. Myofascial release aims at releasing the tight and held-up areas in the muscles slowly by slowly making sure the tightness of the injured fascia is evenly distributed. Myofascial release specialists begin the therapeutic process by diagnosing the area of the body that has been affected. You will experience pain and discomfort once the practitioner touches you lightly. For this reason, experienced myofascial release therapists can tell where the area of tightness is by just slightly touching your skin. Treatment involves stretching a small area by applying little force using two fingers only. After relaxing, extra effort is applied to increase the stretch. The specialist should ensure that all other areas of the affected region have gone through the same procedure. It is important to note that the myofascial release is applied by the hands of the therapists and not by the patient himself or herself. You should feel comfortable once undergoing this form of treatment. It is not painful to ensure that the sore areas are treated effectively. Some patients have become used to pain in such a way that they cannot tell in particular where the pain is coming from. However, with experienced myofascial massage therapists, you do not have to worry anymore as they can apply tactile feedback to massage you appropriately. With this massage therapy, you fascial tissue will function normally again. Once you go through myofascial release, your normal posture is restored. Why don’t you let myofascial massage restore your flexible and functional movement and lead a pain-free life?

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