Fun Activities in Vietnam’s Ba Na Hills, Only Need One Ticket!

Ba Na Hills – A mountain as high as 1,487 meters above sea level rises on the west side of Da Nang City, the third-largest city in Vietnam.

This place is very popular because the air temperature is less than 20 degrees Celsius. Suitable for you who want to feel the uniqueness of this city.

To enter Ba Na Hills, you don’t need to bother climbing. There are a lot of hotel accommodations that you can visit around Da Na Hill, one of which is the Mercure Danang Hotel. By buying an entrance ticket that is valid for one day (700,000 Dong), you can do some of the following activities.

1. Enjoy the View from the Cable Car

Before any construction, visitors to Ba Na Hills had to steep mountain road for twenty kilometers. But by cable car, the distance traveled is only five kilometers. Even though it sounds close, this is the longest cable car in the world.

For 45 minutes, you can see Da Nang City in the distance and the surrounding mountains. As you approach the summit, you can see the roofs of buildings in Ba Na Hills peering through the trees.

2. Enjoy the Fantasy Park

Behind the pale yellow building, Ba Na Hills keeps several playgrounds that can be enjoyed by anyone, for free. You are free to choose anything you like and try your guts with other visitors in this amusement park.

Some games are designed for children. So, it is very safe to invite children to play here.

3. Taste the Culinary Delights of Various Countries

Do not be afraid to starve here. Bana Hills provides a variety of food stands, ranging from carts, cafes, bars, to luxury restaurants. Not only Vietnamese specialties but also other Asian food and Western dishes. Just choose the food that suits your taste and budget.

Confused about what to eat? Or want to eat all you want with low fares? There are many restaurants there that you can try.

4. Explore a Small French-themed Village

When Vietnam was colonized, Bana Hills was a village inhabited by French people. The cold air makes French build settlements on the mountain. Unfortunately, the village was damaged during World War II. Only one building has survived to this day, the ancient wine cellar.

To revive the atmosphere at that time, the manager built a village with old French-style buildings complete with churches, lampposts and antique cars.