Guide on the Four Most Beautiful Mediterranean Beaches

The Mediterranan region encompasses a lot of European countries like Italy, France and Malta. One favorite attraction spot of Mediterranean region is its beaches. It is a dream for many travelers to relax and bask in the sunshine of Mediterranean beaches. The following are the 4 best Mediterranean beaches.

  1. Lucice Bay

Lucice Bay is a secluded beach with deep blue ocean water located to the southwest of Brač in Croatia. It will take 2 hours to reach the place on a sail yacht that is traveling at a speed of 8 kts. There are plenty of activities to do including swimming, climb the hill and snorkeling. You can rent buoys from the on site restaurant. When snorkeling, you can see the sandy bottom clearly. At Lucice Bay, you will find 3 restaurants. The restaurant serves a variety of seafood including fish and shrimp dishes. There is a pine wood forest nearby. Lucice Bay often get hit by the southwest wind and have big waves.

  1. St. Peter’s Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is a rocky beach in Marsaxlokk on the south side of Malta. The pools is visited by the large crowds of local people during the summer. The rocky cliffs are not too high for you to jump into the water. In some distance, you will find shallower water. There is no toilets around. The nearest bus stop is within 30 minutes walking distance. Lots of jellyfishes are present in the water at St. Peter’s Pool so you must be careful while in the water to avoid getting stung. There is a small hut that sells cold beverages. It also has a car park nearby.

  1. Plage de Saleccia

Plage de Saleccia is a white sandy beach with turquoise water in Corsica, France. There aren’t many shades and facilities around. If you are coming by taxi boat, you can tell them to drop you off at Lotu Beach and then hike for 30 minutes to Plage de Saleccia beach. There are direction sign post all the way so you won’t get lost. The boat trip allows you to get a good  view of the hills in the surrounding environment When you return, you can also take the taxi boat. If you don’t want to come by speedboat, you can rent a 4wd and drive through the dirt path to reach the beach. The beach is usually packed with people in the midday and the water is frequently jammed with yachts.

  1. Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach is a big and clean pebble beach with easy going atmosphere in Budva, Montenegro. It becomes busy with tourists in mid July because of the Sea Dance Festival. There are lots of loungers, umbrella and speakers playing loudly on the beach. Camping is allowed. Both free and paid parking are available. There are only a few basic facilities nearby. From the beach, you can get a good view of the mountains. The bottom of the water is full of stones and you must wear water shoe to protect your feet while swimming. Older children and adults can ride on jet skis pulled by speed boat. The sea can get deep fast so be careful when swimming.