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Extreme Worth of Fire Extinguishers

In many of fire incidents, prevention to further damage can be initiated if only a fire extinguisher is present, as this red can, which is often hanged on the wall, will be your first line of defense to contain a fire, preventing the fire from spreading into other areas of a place and, thus, we can safely say that fire extinguishers can spell the difference between a minor fire situation and destruction of property. This mentioned statement is backed up by the National Fire Protection Association and the local fire department and both continually advocate that fires can be diminished by using a fire extinguisher.

In a significant way, the local fire department has been very successful in campaigning to educate everyone in the community about fire prevention and the importance of fire extinguishers in one’s home and establishment, generally, because it’s much easier advocated through social media through a well-demonstrated video, such that people are now realizing a fire extinguisher’s usefulness, thus small fires are easily stopped. Furthermore, fire drills are often practiced in schools and offices, a collaboration between these establishments and the fire department and, therefore, this training has helped taught people how and when to use an extinguisher. The after effect of an un-prevented fire is the pollution that it gives to the environment, which comes from the smoke and burning debris, thus, fire extinguishers provide this benefit of protecting, too, the environment so that small fires are easily stopped and a limited amount of pollution is contained from spreading to the environment.

Conducting drills, seminars, trainings to the most concerned on how to use effectively fire extinguishers, the fire department makes it a point to educate people on that as well as informing them that there many kinds of fire extinguishers according to where they are effectively useful, such as wet chemical extinguisher, carbon dioxide extinguisher, water fire extinguisher, powder fire extinguisher, and foam extinguisher. Wet chemical extinguishers are used for extinguishing fires that are caused by oil-based components and, therefore, a water fire extinguisher will be ineffective in this situation since water does not mix with oil, but a water fire extinguisher is most helpful to stop fires that are caused by flammable substances such as paper, wood, organic materials. Extinguishing fires that are caused by electrical short circuits or faulty wirings can be effectively stopped using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher rather than using a water fire extinguisher. The foam fire extinguisher is useful for fires that are coming from flammable liquids and solids, but not effective for electrical fires, so a more effective extinguisher, the powder fire extinguisher, is used to deal with fires that are caused by flammable liquids, solids, gases as well as electric fires.

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