Safety Tools to Bring with You in Your Trip During COVID-19 Pandemic

At the initial stage of the coronavirus pandemic, traveling, especially on a long-distance journey was not feasible and thoughtful. This is because of the associated risk of coming in contact with someone infected with the COVID-19 virus when traveling. You can tell from someone’s face if he or she is infected, thus, it was recommended and advised that all unnecessary travels should be on hold. As the lockdown and movement restrictions placed on most regions have gradually been lifted, the need for traveling has sporadically increased. Some people who were stuck in a particular city during the lockdown period, are now eager to meet their family. Business owners and entrepreneurs who have been immensely affected by the travel ban, find it necessary to embark on one journey or the other. While others sincerely just one to travel for the fun of it. Regardless of one’s reason for traveling, we should try as much as possible to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus. To guarantee you are safe during the period of your travel, you would have to make good use of some safety tools. While these safety tools will help minimize your chances of getting contact with the virus, it is also Important you abide by the social distancing rule as suggested by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. If you would have any need to make a hotel booking before your journey, then you might want to consider seeking the services of

Face Mask

The use of a face mask in public places has generated a lot of controversies and arguments. Some people feel those uninfected doesn’t need to make use of a face mask. However, because one can be asymptomatic of the virus for a particular period, one should use a facemask, especially when engaging in a trip. Facemask helps to minimize the onward spread of the virus from an infected person to others. There are different face masks an uninfected person can use during his or her trip, however, before you get to use a facemask from any company, you should check out reviews from such independent sites as

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer

The COVID-19 pandemic has made most people realize the importance of constantly washing their hands. Because getting access to running water might be difficult on some occasions (like traveling), you should have a portable alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your care. The hand sanitizer should contain about 70% alcohol to make it very effective. It should be used on the hands, especially after coming in contact with any surface.

Disinfecting Wipes

A lot of people are getting more conscious of disinfecting their environment as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Safety tools like disinfecting wipes are now a luxury everyone concerned with his or her safety should get. However, getting disinfecting wipes does not guarantee an automatic win against the virus. Knowing how and where to use the disinfecting wipes is what is important. These wipes contain germs-killing solutions and should be used on hard surfaces like a door handle, glass, etc. Avoid using a disinfecting wipe on fabrics or upholstery, and your fruits. To know if your disinfecting wipes are safe to be used, especially during your trip, you could visit the environment protection agency website.


As we all know, the coronavirus comes with a lot of symptoms of which one is high body temperature. For this reason, most airports or bus stations usually check the temperature of passengers with a thermometer before granting them access to their facility. Those with very high temperatures are usually instructed to go for a medical check-up. However, this delay and suspension of travel would be avoided if we all have our thermometer. Passengers can start checking their temperature at home a few days before traveling, to ascertain if they are fit to travel.


While getting these safety tools will help reduce your chances of being infected by the virus, you also have roles to play as an individual. You should try as much as possible not to travel to an area where there is widespread of this disease, and instead postpone the trip. If you are having symptoms of the virus, it is advisable you consult medical help and cancel your trip, to avoid putting other lives at risk. Also, you should be very careful of carelessly touching your face or picking your nose, when you are not sure if they are clean. Ensure you also cover up while you sneeze.