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The Most Obvious Signs That You Need to Improve Your Mechanical Insulation

Even though you don’t give it that much attention, mechanical insulation certainly deserves some of your time. This means that regardless of what title or job you have – be it a maintenance engineer, building manager or owner, or a facilities supervisor, you must accept the fact that mechanical insulation must be included in your to-do list.

You have to understand that insulation systems these days have become so advanced and complex that it is highly inaccurate to say that they’re just a standard part of the HVAC system. As for a mechanical insulation, there are quite a handful of benefits it gives when it works the way it is supposed to. However, if there is any existing issue with the insulation system, the benefits won’t be achieved, plus there’s a good chance that the entire system will no longer perform its job.

But because not all of us are experts, it’s challenging to figure out if there really is a problem in your mechanical insulation. Fortunately for you, it’s easy to learn what the signs of a problem are.

1 – You have an existing insulation that’s either damaged or missing.

It’s true that the decision to insulate mechanical equipment will eventually correspond to higher return of investment; but along that line, about 20{3f68f376b53a1ea3e2c0a532a2cd9af55b710170fdd05db850b1a328d1358b0c} of all mechanical insulation actually is damaged or missing. For the most part, a damaged insulation will show signs like hot spots, fish mouthing, joints appearing to be opened, and the presence of ice; condensation, and mold growth.

2 – You plan on doing a major reevaluation of your system.

If it happens that your building or facility is to undergo a reevaluation of its processes, including the use of energy, then that alone is a sign that you need to incorporate a mechanical insulation upgrade. Well, there’s an obvious need for an upgrade of your mechanical insulation because the current setup you have right now will no longer be fitted or ideal to the improvements you are to make in your building or facility once the reevaluation is finished.

3 – You have a mechanical insulation that’s over two decades old.

Finally, be aware that if your current mechanical insulation is already over twenty years old, it only means one thing – an immediate upgrade. You should know that even a properly installed and maintained insulation system will need an important and major upgrade. For older systems, there’s a natural deterioration process called corrosion under insulation. This is a unique type of corrosion that occurs due to the buildup of moisture on the external component of an insulated equipment. This problem usually goes undetected for the reason that the buildup happens under the insulation material. The spread of the corrosion means you have a serious problem in hand and the only solution is a mechanical insulation upgrade.

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