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How Medicine Waste Is Disposed and Treated

Medical comes from the word medicine which means the practice or study of medicine. Medicine consists of the study and research of how to cure diseases in human and animals. Medicine involves the use of medicine, injections, gloves, bandages and other equipment. This equipment is not supposed to be used on more than one patient, therefore, it is thrown away after use. They give rise to medicine waste. Medicine waste is hazardous to the environment and can cause a reoccurrence of infections hence they should be disposed of keenly. Some of the medicine waste can be also be recycled for reuse. Some organizations called medicine waste disposal companies provide specialized services in the treatment and disposal of medicine waste. Below are methods of treating and throwing away medicine waste.

Use of chemical is the first medicine waste treatment method. Chemical treatment involves the mixing of certain liquids or solid chemicals with the medicine waste so as to disinfect medical waste. Calcium oxide and chlorine are the common chemicals in medicine waste treatment. The process of treatment leads to the production of some harmful gases, therefore, one should be careful and have protective gear. Chemical treatment is an on-site treatment method since the process is carried out near or in the medical facility.

The second method is burying or land disposal. Non-risky medicine waste can be put underground or disposed on the land where burning of the waste can be later carried out. Land disposal can also be used in disposing of medicine waste which cannot be disposed of in other ways. Sanitary landfill is used to prevent contamination of water and soil in cases where decontamination of medicine waste is impossible. Injection wells are used in disposing of hazardous liquid medicine waste. This waste is disposed of in special and restricted areas which are only accessed by the authorized and professional people.

Autoclaving is another method of medicine waste treatment. It involves subjecting medicine waste to high temperatures in special furnaces so as to kill all diseases causing microorganisms. A special cooker is the place where the medicine waste is subjected to high temperatures. One should order a suitable autoclaving cooker since they come in different sizes.

Subjecting medicine waste to radiation is also used in treating medicine waste. Irradiation involves the use of radiation rays such as gamma rays to sterilize medicine waste.

Use of microwaves is also used in treating medicine waste. Microwave treatment of medicine waste has the same concept as the irradiation process although microwave treatment is used on moist medicine waste. Moist can be added to dry medicine waste to make the microwave treatment effective.

The above are the major methods of medicine waste disposal and treatment.

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