Things You Need to Check Off While Receiving the Car Form the Service Centre

Some people are very careful when it comes to maintaining their vehicles while some not so much. Luxury cars or the heavy locomotives or a garbage truck, every vehicle needs to be maintained properly and serviced from time to time.

While everyone is aware about the importance of maintenance, some people fail at understanding what needs to be checked after getting the car back from the service centre and hence the performance of their car may deteriorate more than expected. The service centres  give you a checklist that is predesigned, you might as well get it double checked before accepting the car form the service centre.

Here’s a checklist of the things you need to double check when you get your car back from the service centre.

  1. Check for the brakes: It is important to check the brakes on the car when you get it. Drive around and try to stop your car at high, medium and low speeds. You should also try and put on an immediate brake while taking a turn, taking your car in reverse. Test for the emergency braking system too!
  2. Front and rear bumpers: You must check for the bumpers, whether they fit perfectly or move from their place or interfere with the tyres on mushy lands or slopes. Make sure that the bumpers, both, the front and the rear are attached securely.
  3. Check for pollution control: While receiving the car after it has been serviced, the emissions produced by the car should be under the given emission levels. You also need to inspect the carbon content in the emissions of the car. Pollution check is very important when a used garbage truck for sale is picked up. Before buying any used garbage truck for sale, the buyer must do a pollution check and make sure that the garbage truck’s emissions are under control.

Check the internal functions:

  • Check for the horn: Sometimes while repairing the car from within, the horn wire may get disturbed and hence the horn might not blow. You need to check for the horn.
  • Check for the cooling offered by the air conditioner in the car. Inspect the functioning on the least as well as the fastest speed.
  • Check for the heater’s performance: When the AC is used, the heater is not required and viz-a-viz. But when you get the car from the service station, you need to check the heater as well.
  • Inspect the seat belt, its locking system and its ease for fastening and loosening.
  • Check for the headlights, tail lights, the parking lights. Turn them on and off rigorously two to three times and ensure that they function well.
  • Check for the functioning of the defroster and the front and the rare wipers.
  1. Check for the emergency equipment like the first aid kits, flashlights, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, flares, shovel, tool kit, headlamp beam deflectors, and spare bulbs.

Doing all of these checks and having all the things in place, will ensure that you have a comfortable journey and that you are well prepared for any emergency that you might face.