What are the Best Beaches to Visit within the USA

Nothing beats feeling the gentle sand of the beach between your toes while getting a bath in the warmth of the sun and soft waves of the ocean tranquilizing your soul.

Nature is beautiful and we all love to explore her. The relaxation and tranquility we experience when we become one with nature is nulli secondus or the fun and excitement she provides is capable of shaking off the bad moods. The sure place to experience both the relaxation that nature provides or the smile she places on our faces can all be experienced as an intersection at the various beaches located around the US.

Locating the right beach to spend your leisure time alone or with friends and family can be time-consuming and energy exhaustive or perhaps you’re not sure if you’ll receive the value for your money. With the plenty numbers of beaches dotting the American map, it sometimes becomes a thing of dilemma in choosing the right beach to enjoy your time and to experience the warmth the sun provides.

When you travel to any of the cities that have these beaches, you might need a car rental service. You can easily read rental car services reviews on us-reviews.com to know the right car rental company to patronize. So you have your bikini or swimwear ready and you’re ready to go all out and catch fun? Here are the best US beaches to visit and to get a maximum return value for your money and time.


It comes as no surprise that the beautiful Hawaii Beach finds itself among the Forbes list of the top 50 Beaches around the world for leisure and relaxation.

Honokalani Beach also known as the Black Sand Beach is a famous beach located in Maui, Hawaii. What makes it unique is its black nature of sand in contrast to so many beaches around the world. There are beautiful views to capture on camera and caves to explore for adventure purposes. Oh yeah, there’s a lava tube right there at Honokalani for you to explore.

If you’re on a tour to Hana, you should stop by and have some memorable memories. Take photos and enjoy the awe-inspiring view of Honokalani beach. It’s a perfect spot for walks and hiking under its cool windy weather.

At Honokalani Beach, it’s a different world and experience. An experience that you can’t get anywhere else. What’s more unique than swimming in blue water flowing over black sand?

Honokalani Beach is nothing short of beautiful.


The large expanse of Siesta Beach is one of the attractive features of the white powdered sand beach of Siesta Key, United States. You can walk a mile on the beach and experience a large coastline.

If you’re that person who wants a quiet time on the beach and that wants to be free from all noise and disturbance while enjoying a solemn beautiful beach experience, Siesta Beach is the perfect destination for you. The sand is at most times cool even when the weather is hot and harsh because the sand is almost entirely made up of pure quartz.

The cool sand that never gets hot makes it a perfect destination to try out varieties of beach sport games. There are enough Volleyball courts, kids’ playgrounds, and restaurants to ensure that you have a fun-filled experience at Siesta Key.

Visiting Siesta Beach can be a 2-in-1 beach experience as you can visit the nearby Crescent Beach.

Ready to enjoy Siesta Beach Paradise? You can check out the prices of local hotels and get the value for your money.


At Coligny Beach, you get to partake in beautiful sunrise and sunset moments with your friends and family. The beach is wide, long, and perfect for long walks and biking. Located at Hilton Head Island town, South Carolina.

Coligny Beach is the perfect place to try out varieties of amazing foods. There are Food tours available for you to enjoy. Reserving a space for an upcoming Food tour is a must if you intend to have maximum enjoyment at the South Carolina paradise as you get the chance to explore some of the 200+ restaurants located on Hilton Head Island.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for just a swimming experience or an adventure or fun-filled hiking, the US has enough beaches to get you covered. The fun and adventures never end, get ready to explore and enjoy paradise right here in the US.