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ography is exemplification of activities of sex with a man with another man and it is the primary objective of getting sexual arousal for those who are watching the video and there are also heterosexual ography as well as homosexual ography for the consumption of the males.

Even though ography is normally for the heterosexuals because of the prevalence of the orientation of heterosexuality the artifacts and homoerotic art go back a long way and every single medium is utilized for the acts of having sex between a man and another man.

videos currently in the mass media has concentration in making adult home videos and some are in the form of DVDs, video on demand and some are wireless and there are movies and images that anyone can view in the internet on s.

Photographing of s having sex was done underground since they had laws which were seen as being obscene and they constituted evidence of doing an act which was illegal under the laws of sodomy in numerous jurisdictions but in the United States the laws were said to be unconstitutional in 2003 by a court.

videos are available commercially and they depict fully naked men who have sex as the act is recorded on the video which is meant to be seen by those who engage in man-to-man sex and the men are usually young and the act of having sex between men is known n as bareback.

Before the coming of the HIV/AIDs disease the s did not use the condom and currently many of them who get into the videos use the condoms even though there are those who do not use them at all but currently there has been an increase in the men who have unprotected sex while being filmed in the videos but the studios that are mainstream make consistent use of the condoms but the scenes are edited so that the condoms are not seen.

There are numerous ways of having sex between men and some men suck each other while in other cases they just have usual sex one after the other as the director of the video advises and there are cases where they just or both and the selling of the finished videos is done through the channels which are discreet and others are published on the internet where people who are interested in seeing them subscribed to the particular websites.

The videos depict the locations the men have sex including sex clubs, bathhouses, beaches and inside well-furnished houses or even in places such as inside a car and some of the videos show three men having sex or even four men and the phonographic videos have become very popular in most developed countries where even men who are married engage in men-to-men sex and others prefer to have sex with small boys and even more interesting fact that most women prefer to have sex currently.

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